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At King's Lynn we teach the traditional values...


The school was established in Kings Lynn in 1999 - It moved to its current location in October 2006. We welcome new students to be part of our extended Martial Arts family.


At our school we teach the traditional values of Martial Arts with an upbeat, enthusiastic, modern approach.


Kuk Sool Won combines kicking and punching, throwing, falling, joint locking, pressure points, meditation and weapons techniques into a beautiful and dynamic hard/soft style that is sure to meet your physical and mental goals on an individualised basis.


Some of the benefits of training are:


  • Fitness by strengthening & stretching

  • Strong body and focused mind

  • Self Defence

  • Confidence

  • Self Dicipline

  • Co-ordination

  • Stress & tension reduction

  • Stamina & respect for self and others



Our professional school offers daytime and evening classes allowing you the flexibility to fit Kuk Sool Won training around family and work committments.





Yellow belts national testing Brown Belts


Train up to 5 classes per week


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Staff Timetable ...

Usually alternated between Junior and adults every Tuesday 6.30-7pm unless pre tournament training.


See below for dates.



15th Jan

29th Jan

12th Feb

26th Feb

12th Mar

26th Mar

9th Apr

23rd Apr

7th May

21st May

4th Jun

18th Jun

2nd Jul

16th Jul

30th Jul



22nd Jan

5th Feb

19th Feb

5th Mar

19th Mar

2nd Apr

16th Apr

30th Apr

14th May

28th May

11th Jun

25th Jun

9th Jul

23rd Jul

20th Aug





Testimonials ...


"Aside from the obvious benefits of self defence, fitness, confidence and self discipline, Kuk Sool Won has been instrumental in bringing my family closer together. My wife and two daughters also train which gives us a common interest and a strong bond. Together we help to improve each other not just in class but also outside of it.


There have always been great family traditions in Kuk Sool Won and this has truly passed onto my own."


Andy Colclough JKN

Kuk Sool Won is great for all the family, we are a husband, wife, daughter of 16 and son of 7 who all train at King’s Lynn and it has been brilliant for us all.  None of us had trained in a martial art before and we were worried we would never be able to do Kuk Sool Won  as we were not fit or flexible enough (us adults being more mature students of 40+!) but from the first moment of joining we have loved it and found that there were many more students in the same boat as us.  


Kuk Sool Won is also so good for the children and their confidence and we have noticed a huge change, especially in our daughter, who has gone from being an extremely shy 13 year old girl who

struggled with her confidence to someone who is self assured and quite happy to stand in front of a group of adults or children as an Instructor in class.  


Everyone including the Instructors and the people who train are so friendly and welcoming and the support we have all received from KJN Darren and JKN Marie has been fantastic.  


Louise Rolfe

Latest News ...

2019 European Tournament

Friday 31st May/Saturday 1st June




















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