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“I started Kuk Sool Won as a little dragon 7 years ago and have lots of fun every time I go learning new techniques and forms. Sir and Ma’am are very kind and supportive and with their help I have recently promoted as a Black Belt (JKN). I look forward to starting my training for KSN in the future” - R.L. - Student

“I love going to Kuk Sool, Sir, Ma’am and the instructors are very kind and always help me when I get stuck. I’m a Dbn at the moment so I am working to get my black belt. Every lesson is different and always fun” - G.L. - Student

“My Son has been enrolled at Kuk Sool Won Kings Lynn for eleven years. He has always thrived under the guidance that the martial art has provided him, learning not only the art itself but

self-regulation, self-discipline, listening skills and patience. Kuk Sool Won is not just - to him and myself - a martial arts school, but a family, a community that supports, guides and lifts each other throughout good times and bad” - J.S. - Parent

“I started doing Kuk Sool Won a few years ago and I absolutely love it. It's a brilliant sport to relieve stress from every day life! Every lesson is varied and if you like learning something new, practising to be the best, and even given opportunity to compete in tournaments, then this small community Is the place for you. I already have a background in Karate, and Kuk Sool Won is on a level above” - D.W. - Student


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